My little baking helpers

Most bakers would agree that ingredients you use are very important for a good bake. And yes, I agree. 

I like to use good quality ingredients but I also like to know where some of them come from. So let me introduce my little helpers that require so little and give back more then you can ask for. My flock of chickens!


This is one of my girls. They are all worth their weight in gold and then some. Every day they reward us with fresh eggs and they keep bugs and spiders away. I raised them since they were babies and I never imagined how attached I would actually become to them. How could you not when they all have their own little personality? 

I got one girl called Henrietta that always tries to undo my shoe laces. Another one, called Squeak Peep, is very vocal. Ever since she was a little baby she was the loudest one and back then sounded like a squeaky toy. She always has to be the first one to see what I have in my bucket. If it’s watermelon, keep your fingers at bay. 🙂

I make sure my babies are only fed organic grain and fruit and veggie scraps and I can tell you, they give the best eggs ever. One of the chicks, still can’t work it out which one, lays the biggest eggs you could find. When you place it in an egg carton you can’t shut the lid properly. 

If you have even a small corner in your back yard, I would recommend you get at least 2-3 chickens. 

They make great pets for kids, give you eggs, fertilizer for your garden, keep bugs away and my favorite – you don’t waste any fresh food as those girls will be more then happy to eat it all. From veggie peels to old bread, oh and cake! Yes, they do loooove simple cake (no cream)! 

So little work with them and yet so much joy. 

So I dedicate this post to my girls that make my cakes extra tasty. 🙂



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