RIP my mixer

I have some friends coming over for a visit tomorrow and as I haven;t seen them for a long time, I thought I was going to bake some cakes. Both of my friends loooooove cakes and they are always excited to try new ones. I got my laptop out and I am going through hundreds of recipes trying to find the perfect ones. I know they both like chocolate (and who doesn’t) so I was looking for a chocolate dessert and something else so there is no chocolate overload. 

So cup of coffee in hand, I am sitting at the table while my husband is cooking dinner and kids are watching TV. “What a lovely evening!” I thought to myself as I took another sip of coffee. Fresh jar, just opened. It always tastes best, doesn’t it. And I am looking through the window as the sun is setting behind the hill. Peaceful evening. 

I have really been enjoying all the peace and quite since we moved here, to the country. No cars driving past all the time and just that city noise in general that you get used to, I guess , when you live there but once you are in the country and all you hear are birds and neighbours horse from time to. I love it. So I was about to take another sip when our dog Cane jumped and barked so loud that I nearly dropped my cup. He hardly ever barks so I knew someone must be coming and sure enough, there was a knock. 

My husband answered the door and I heard him talking to another man for few minutes and then the man left. He walks back into the kitchen and hands me a leaflet. I looked at it and couldn’t believe it. It was from electric company advising us that tomorrow from 7 AM till 4 PM they will be upgrading power lines in our street so our electricity will be switched of. WHAT? Only few hour warning? Just lovely! And then the panic set in. 

I was gonna bake all these lovely treats in the morning so they are nice and fresh when my friends come over and now what? So once more I flicked through few of the recipes I found and decided to make hummingbird cupcakes (never made them before) with cream cheese frosting and I was gonna bake some brownies that are suppose to be out of this world. I have some fresh raspberries in the fridge so with little bit of vanilla ice cream brownies would be magic. 

I got stuck into brownies at once cause they were a lot easier to make. Pretty much all the ingredients go in at once and you mix it and – done!  And I thought while brownies are in the oven I will nix up hummingbird mix. Easy! Bit more rushed then I was gonna do but that’s ok. It can be done today ant they will still be tasty tomorrow.

I get sugar, oil, nuts, baking powder, vanilla, egg…So I am looking at my recipe, thinking, something isn’t right.. There is no chocolate in my ingredient list and I am making “chocolate brownies”. Interesting! I open the page again and read the recipe, and sure enough I missed 1/2 cup of cocoa. Nice! I turn around and grab cocoa of the shelf and as I turn back….Bang! I swear I just touched the side of my mixing bowl with elbow and I knocked it of the bench. Just great! Nothing more annoying then cleaning eggs and lets not forget oil, off the floor. 

I actually felt bad for my husband cause he was the one who had to clean it all up as I am having major problems with my back so I am not allowed to do any housework or any bending and stuff. 

It took him a while. Poor guy, he’s not used to cleaning much. Especially mess of this proportion. I set there watching. It actually made a nice change. 😉

So few minutes later the floor is dry and I quickly mix up everything again and my brownies are in the oven. It doesn’t take long for that sweet chocolate smell to start enveloping the whole room. Is there anything better then that?

Brownies baking, I get stuck into mixing things for hummingbird cupcakes. I was really excited about this one because I have never had it. I heard of hummingbird cake but never tasted it. Reading the recipe I thought it sounded nice and moist and cream cheese frosting to top it off. Ah my favorite!

I add bananas and nuts and….And nothing. My mixer goes quite. I thought it got stuck on something cause bowl was nearly full but no such luck. Yes, my mixer decided to stop working today. 

I can tell you, 10 minutes later I was sweating. Not easy to hand mix when you have a mixture that is not really runny but at the same time not hard enough to use hands. But I managed. I got it done. All under control.

By this time, brownies are out of the oven and humming bird cupcakes are in. I was standing there wondering how the hell did my nice relaxing evening turn into baking frenzy. One minute I had all evening to find good recipes and all morning to bake them then all of a sudden, I only have tonight to do everything. Oh well, this is life, right?

And then I really start panicking. I still have cream cheese butter icing to make. And no mixer. How much fun is that gonna be? NOT! I was mixing it and mixing it and I tried using my hands to smash butter and cheese. I honestly thought my arm was gonna fall off but then my husband offered to mix it for me. How is that for team work? 🙂 After about 15 minutes we finally had it done. Yey! 

How the hell did people do this before electric mixers? 

But anyway, it took a lot of hard work but it all got done. And if I may say so myself, my cakes turned out really well. Maybe cause I put a lot of effort into it. Or maybe it was just pure luck and I know my friends will love them.

Here are links to those recipes. Very nice.


Tomorrow I have visitors but on Thursday I will have to go and shop for another mixer. There is no way I can live without one as baking is the only thing that keeps me sane while I;m on sick leave and I still have at least 2 more months of no work. I need a new mixer.

What brand and kind do you use and what would you rate it from 1 to 5? 

It’s getting late and my poor arms are tired so I am off to bed but to the rest of you,

happy baking! 



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