My place

Today is a bake free day. I think I really should pay attention more to what my doctor says.

“Stay off your feet and do NOT move around much.” How hard is that, right? Well, it turns out, it is hard and it is quite ironic that I am having trouble doing just that when about month ago I told a friend that I would give anything if I could just stay in bed and watch TV for at least a week. I was feeling really run down at that time. Well, maybe there is something in “Be careful  what you wish for!”  I am really struggling with keeping still but today I have no choice as my back is really feeling it. But we not gonna dwell on negative. What’s the point? Instead, I thought I will share some of my pictures with you. Just to give you some idea of where I come from and how lovely this place is.

We have moved here from the city and I am so in love with this place. It’s our little piece of paradise. And it’s really funny how, while living in the city I was always wishing we could get away more, I was always looking up holiday deals and new weekend getaways. And then we moved here. Not once did I think about holiday. Why would I? I have found that perfect getaway place that I get to enjoy every day after work. Driving home for me now is just as exciting as driving to that weekend destination and I get to do it 4 times a week. 🙂

Lots of my friends told me I am crazy to move to the country. Especially cause both my husband and I still work in the city but we both work for the newspaper and as we work long hours, we finish our working week in 3 or 4 days so it’s a long weekend for us every weekend. And why is it a big deal driving for an hour each way? I love driving my car. And 3/4 of the way is through the forest with hardly any cars around so I turn up the stereo and sing along to all my favorite songs as loud as I want. Bliss! And who cares what other people think. My family loves it here and this place has brought us all closer together and I am proud to say that my kids (12 and 14 years old) don’t spend time in front of the TV anymore because there is always something for them to do. They got all the pets they always wanted but couldn’t have in the city and they are very good at looking after them. I must admit, I was little bit scared I was gonna end up taking care of them all but they proved me wrong and I am more then happy. I love it when kids prove me wrong. 🙂

Anyway, I can try to explain to you how great this place is but I think pictures will explain it better so here they are.

This is an old cottage on the corner of my street. It is empty and no one seems to know how long it’s been there but I love it. There is something charming about it.


This next one is a picture of a little creak that runs behind our place. I took this photo at the end of summer but now that it’s winter here and we have had quite a lot of rain lately, creak is a lot wider.


This is the view from my balcony. It was taken in the middle of the summer so everything looks dry and brown but it is still magical, especially at sunset when all those fields turn gold.


These are some of the birds that like to come and say hello in late afternoon and quite often they take bath in our water troughs.



But birds are not the only ones that like taking a dip. Here’s our dog Cane doing the same. Hard to believe he’s only a puppy still. At nine months he is 98 pounds and he still have another 9 months of growing. Our gentle giant. 🙂


Like I said earlier, it is winter now and most people think that it doesn’t get cold in Australia. I can tell you, it sure does. I took this next picture just few days ago. I got up early in the morning and imagine my surprise when I walked outside and saw that all our paddocks were covered in ice. It actually looked like snow.


Ah, I just found picture of Cane when we first got him. He was our son’s Xmas present. This is how small he was.


So that was Cane at 9 weeks and here is Cane at 20 weeks.


And now at 9 months. Enjoying his pats from my daughter. 🙂


We also have alpacas. This black one is my boy. My pride and joy.


The girls belong to my daughter. She picked them all out and has been taking really good care of them. Their winter wool hasn’t grown fully yet but they are still nice and fluffy.


ANd like I said, sunsets really turn this place into some amazing colours.


Well, I hope you enjoyed these photos and now you probably understand why I love living here so much. And as my coffee is ready, I am off to sit outside and get some fresh air. And I am gonna take it easy today, for real. 🙂


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