About me

Hi there!

As I have only recently discovered the joys of baking, I decided to start this blog.

So far, it was my mother who did all the birthday cakes for the whole family and friends as she seems to have a gift for that kind of thing. From amazingly tasty cakes and desserts to pure art when it comes to decorating.

I was always too busy, not that good at following recipes, hated cleaning up after….The list went on and on…Then something happened.

I have moved to a new house that has a brand new chefs stove. It just seemed like a waste to just sit there in the kitchen, not being used. I decided to bake some muffins and the look on my family’s face when they tried them was priceless. The joy I felt from watching them enjoy every single bite was something I will remember forever. And that’s how it all started for me.

Don’t get me wrong. My family enjoys my home made treats but they are also my harshest critics too. As most of you know, kids are very honest and MY kids have no problem telling me when something isn’t up to scratch.  My daughter, who is 12, has no problem telling me that my chocolate cake would be a lot nice if it wasn’t too dry and in her words “Maybe you should ring Nana and ask her how she gets hers so perfect every time.”  But over the last few months I have been coming along quite nicely and I get more praise from my family. 🙂

So what more can I tell you about me? Let’s see….

1. Yes, I am a wife and mother and I work also.

2. I still don’t know what I wanna be “when I grow up”.

3. We have 6 alpacas, 9 chickens, 2 dogs and a kitten. Loooove animals and one day hope to have horses too.

4. I laugh at the most inappropriate things and sometimes it gets me in trouble.

5. I lived in the city my whole life and we made a decision to move to the country last year. Best thing we ever did.

6. Chocolate and coffee are something I can’t say no to.

7. I also love photography. Nature, mostly. Something my kids find amusing and they say things like “You went for a 5km walk and only came home with 120 pictures? Slow day?” They know I will go to any extreme to get that perfect picture even if it means sitting out there for 3 hours clicking away.

8. I sometimes drive people insane with talking about food and I always seem to be on a look out for new places to eat. Lucky for me, my family enjoys it. 🙂






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